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Most off travels apps show interests like restaurants or shops, but rarely the nice things to visit. You can also read travels books, but you must then locate them in a map with your position.

I have created a personalized map on My maps that includes all the points of interest to see and to do in some countries.

It took me months of research on websites and blogs to collect maximum points of interest in New Zealand and Asia. I regularly updated it during my trip.

It’s easy, activate your position, and discover!

Click below to access my maps online:

new zealand map

Un nice bar / restaurant / place that you did and not find on the map?

Send me a message so I can add it

And so help the travelers community  🙂 (I always mention the sources) It’s with lots of small additions that my map has become so complete, each addition counts 🙂

Activate your location, click on the app and hop, you see all my points directly on my map, then click on the point you want to get there, hop, it switches you directly to google maps. (Tip: When you have the itinary, disable your mobile data, but keep the location to follow the road without using data).

You can download the mymaps app on android and apple or view my maps via your internet browser.

my maps app

Thank you to respect my research work. I graciously offer you this card, the result of hundreds of hours of work, share it but always mention your sources.

And to be totally ready before you leave, do not forget to download my guide of the traveler! Tips, country by country, be ultra prepared..

guideFR - My maps ENGL

Now you have all my tips !

Did it help you?

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