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    How to made your campervan Self contenaid in New-Zealand

    In New-Zealand, it’s easier to buy a van, it’s a big business ! But, if you want to find a carpark to pass the night, it’s verry difficult if you haven’t some conditions. To have acces to more carpark, like 20 more, you have to be are « Self-contenaid » certified. ( If you try whithout the certification, you can have an infraction…

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    january2018,  New-Zealand

    9 things to know about New-Zealand

    New Zeland, for a little Belgian like me, it’s the other side of the word. A new continent with is own rules and different mentality. During my trip, I found some funny things about differences between Belgium and New-Zealand . Some are really nice, and they could be very practice to adapt them in Europe, and some…. wel… they can…

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    january2018,  New-Zealand

    Waiheke Island

    The dream island. If your near Auckland, in the nord of New-Zealand, there a place we’re you absolutely need to go ! In only 40 min with the ferry from Auckland, Waiheke Island is THE place were the Nordthernes went take their holydays. Blue lagoon water, white sand, sun and montains, a small paradise open you arms. We chose to…

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