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How to travel in an ecological way ?

When we traveling, we’re always moving. Moreover, we have to adapt to the rules of each country in terms of ecology. For example, New Zealand is unfortunately far from the ecological ideal I was thinking about…

How a so beautiful country can it be so  inrespectful of the environment? Recycling is not very present and even the communities that I could describe as “hippie zen” are rarely eco-friendly. The houses are absoluly not insulated, and therefore they use a lot of wood or charcoal during the winter.

And me, what can I do to be stay eco-friendly?

Luckily i have few tips that help me to continue my green approach during my  roadtrip. I share them with you:

1 : I’m vegetarian 


Being vegetarian is also a strong ecological act. The meat industry is wasted billions of water, destroyed forests for soy (90% of industries in Europe import their soy ) and all the pollution that goes around. ( And the most important thing is to save an unnecessary death ).

And the facts are also there :  i feel much healthier since I’m veggie.

2 : Install Ecosia as default search engine.

ecosiaDid you know that surfing on internet is very polluting? Every google search consumes 5 to 10Gr of CO2. To change that, you can install an ecological search engine (Ecosia, lilo or ecogine) theses search engine redistributes their earnings in ecological causes ( Google who does’nt). I chose Ecosia for the reforest, each of my searches or clicks on sponsored links plant trees. It makes up for the weight of my surf in something good for the planet.

3 : Goodeed 

goodeedDonate for free for some causes just by watching videos? It’s possible and Goodeed did it! The principle ? We click on a short video of 20 seconds and the money from advertising goes to charitable projects. Their graphics are beautiful and their website / app easy to use. I put a reminder to make my 3 daily donations. I usually make donations for planting trees in India or offer meals or water for some people.

4 : Sort my waste

Unfortunaly, in New Zealand, there no many recycling bins. In the big cities we can find some recycling bins near the visit center, but rarely in the small ones. I sort my waste like once in six.

5 : Buy your vegetables without bag, direct in the shopping cart at the supermarket.

capsicum - How to travel in an ecological way ?Here, it’s plastic all time ! In supermarkets, cashiers put your purchases directly into plastics bags. And for fruits and vegetables it’s the same : plastic bags everywhere. So, I just take my vegetables without bags and it is weighed at the cash register. (Anyway i wash them afterwards).

6 : Buy sustainable shopping bags

sac reutilisableSame as the point above. They used so many  plastic bags, that finding great durable shopping bags is really difficult  But it is possible to find some one near the cash register in supermarkets, often  they are small and unfortunaly very fragile. But if looking often, it’s possible to find large tote bags ! ( like the one we have in Europa )

7 : Made your own desert fridge for 20$ for your campervan

See my article HERE to know how to build your desert fridge. For $ 20 it is possible to make a small fridge with terracotta pots, without electricity and very efficient ! Very useful for fruits and vegetables in the campervan, especially during the summer.  With this fridge, all fruits and vegetables stay fresh one week for sure and more  !!

8 : I give monthly 7 € to WWF


Yes 7 € it may seem like is no very much, but it’s my small contribution during theses last years. That way, it does not strangle my wallet and I’m doing my BA of the month. If you also want to make your monthly donation according to what you want to give, do not hesitate, click here.

(Your donation is tax deductible of 45 € per year in France).

9 : To wash myself, i use ecological accessories


No shower gels with carcinogenic ingredients and no recycling plastic bottles, I use a good and fresh natural soap. I buy it at the market to buy it without packaging, 100% natural and 100% ecological. ( and that helps the local economy ).

I also have a compostable tooth pin, washable cleansing cottons.

10 : Some accessories zero waste

Stainless straws and cotton handkerchiefs for example.

11 : I buy used on trade me or in second hand store

A second life for these objects, and a nice economy for me. And most importantly, a little breath for the planet.

12 : I delete each mail received not essential (all in the end: D)

gmail - How to travel in an ecological way ?

Emails also have an ecological weight impact. Each e-mail equates to 19 grams of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

So imagine your mailbox that your maybe  …. Never emptied?

13 : I unsubscribe some newsletters

These are often the ones I did not ask to receive by registering somewhere. Hop hop, I cancel it and I save CO2.


Now you have all my tips !

Did it help you? Do you have others good ideas ?

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