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How we made our fridge WITHOUT electricity for our campervan

When we bought our van, the biggest challenge in this one, was keeping our food fresh. We made shopping once a week, but the problem being is that the fruits or vegetables pass up very quickly. Because the heat in our campervan . Impossible mission to keep good fruits / vegetables during one week when it’s warm …
We could not buy a fridge, no plugs or power, it would have taken energy on our own battery and we having unfortunaly no second battery (And it’s still consumption, pollution …).

So I had the idea to make us a desert fridge

aka a “zeer pot” a concept I found in my research to reduce my ecological impact.

zeer potBut what is it ? And how does it work ?

It’s soooo simple and very efficient. Used for example in Nigeria or Morocco since generations for centuries. Just a terracotta pot separated from a larger pot by a sand layer and all covered with a damp cloth.  All of this lowering the temperature with the  thermodynamics phenomenon.
This use the condensation of water and the evaporation, both will bring a heat difference and bring hydration to vegetables and fruits.

Withthis process, they stay fresh 10 times longer … really … 10 times what!

How to make my own desert fridge for $ 20?
You need two terracotta pots of different size, a smaller one and a bigger one and sand. We bought pots in a hardware store and the sand was taken on the beach. (There must be space between the pots to put the sand)

faire son frigo du desert ecologiqueBoth pots should be waterproof, plug all the holes. Fill in the largest pot with sand and add the second one. Fill to the brim with sand.

Every day you need to put a cup of water on the sand for the evaporation. Cover with a simple moistened tea towel, and your fridge is ready!

Be carreful, this only works for vegetables and fruits without packaging.

I still avoid putting apples (they have a power to pass up more quickly the other vegetables / fruits).

zeer pot concept

So, does it work?
Yes Gilbert! Just put your hand inside it and you really feel a difference with the temperatures. And our fruits and vegetables stay fresh one week  easily and even more! (We did not have much choice of pots, on the other tutos on internet there is a bigger gap between the pots and more sand, but even that, ours is already very effective). It saved us our fruits and vegetables this summer, no doubt on it.
If you have a small campervan don’t hesitate, it’s guaranteed.

faire son frigo du desert ecologique

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Now you have all my tips to made your own zeer pot !

Did it help you?  Are you made one yourself too?

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