imageFIN - My 10 favorite treks on the south Island in New-Zealand
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My 10 favorite treks on the south Island in New-Zealand

New Zealand is very famous for its many treks that attract thousands of people every year.

It was a real pleasure to do them, even if they were not all easy, Loic and I are full of energy and with the desire to remake more and more. (I’ve become a fan of walking now : D).

Here is a list of the 10 treks I preferred to do on the South Island. (We did’nt do everything, of course, so it’s just the ones we did on our side.) For example, we booked for two great walk, but both were canceled due to the  climatic conditions, the Kelpler track and muller hut.

In ascending order of preference, my ULTIMATE treks: the list of the ones I have preferred.

Glenorchy walkway ( Beginner level)

A very nice 2 hour walk along the marshes in ocher and blue in Glenorchy, a town near Queenstown. It changes from forests and mountains, that’s why I think I loved doing it. It’s flat and we walk a lot on small wooden pontoons. I had the impression of being in a Van Gogh painting for the very yellow colors and the very blue sky.

Aorere goldfields ( Intermediate level )

It is with this trek that we then always said to have a lamp withus. Because obviously we did’nt have it for that one and we really missed something. During 3 hours walking in the bush in the golden bay, we discover two really beautiful and interesting caves. Because it’s not well known, we were really alone and it was very relaxing (way of speaking, because it rises a little anyway).

Lake mariann ( Intermediate level )

On the way to Milford Sound, we go through incredible treks to do. This one is perfect for a small dinner for example. Take your picnic and once you there, enjoy! The lake is lost in the forest, surrounded by mountains, it’s reallybeautifull. It’s quite easy to do and we do it looped in 3 hours return.

Copland track ( Expert level )

The hardest trek I did in New Zealand. 6 hours of steady walking through endless obstacles. It does not climb because we are walking along a river, but we have to go through enormous masses of pebbles, rivers, muddy ground … A good preparation for Koh Lanta in truth! Fortunately a the end is the most beautiful reward: a swim in a natural spring of hot water (Careful, the sandflies stay there).

Kepler track ( 1st part, beginner level)

Unfortunlay because of the weather, we could only do the first part and the last part of this trek. The summit was too snowy to do the middle part. Nevertheless, nothing that was superb! Find yourself at the snowy summit with a sea of clouds … wow! The path is very easy because arranged for, we even crossed families with children who did it. The first part took us 4 hours to the hut.

Key summit (Beginner level)

Another trek on the road of the milfords sound. This is the first part of another great trek of several days. Count 2 hours of walking to climb at the top of a small platform surrounded by other mountains. Really charming, looks like a little Swiss mountain . And a little bit more people than our other treks we do, that’s the milfords ….

Mont robert à Nelson lake ( Intermediate level )

Going down the golden bay to get to the west coast, you will necessarily go through the Nelson lakes, famous for the  picture of the pontoon! There’re also some treks to do, including the Mont-Robert we really loved. A short mountain tour to meet then with a 360 degree view of the lakes. About 4 hours for the loop. (Tip: park at the car park BEFORE the top, because the end of the trek finish there).

Wharariki beach ( Beginner level )

From the car park to Wharariki beach you can take several treks to go to the beach. I advise you to do both that lead to it. Borrow the most direct to go on the beach, then at the end of the beach the one that will take you back to the car park and you will go through fields with lots of sheep. Unfortunately the sheep are super fearful … impossible to approach them. We go through dunes, a small secret lake, meadows … really very beautiful! (Between 20 minutes and 1 hour for these two treks).

Roy’s peak (Intermediate / expert level)

One of the best known in New Zealand, also for this famous picture that everyone takes at the top of the mountain (And yes, I did it too …: D). This trek could seem simple because it is a well traced road which crosses the mountain BUT it goes up … and strong enough! I never climbed so steep a lot for two hours in a row. Really, it was something this trek. The return is also very physical because the knees enter the descent quite steep and they play taps once down. But if you pass near Wanaka, you MUST do it, yes yes ….

Bealey spur track ( Intermediate level+ )

My best , my favorite of all the treks of the South Island is that one! It was just … magic. On the other hand I am a little disappointed about the tourist office of Arthur pass for something: when we asked them the best treks, they told us this one. BUT they told us that the end was at the blue hut. EXCEPT not at all … there is a way to continue to the top of the mountain, just from the hut to continue straight into the woods and find markup markings to follow. We could have missed this wonderful view …

It was by seeing people coming from the woods that they were asked if there were any interesting things. “You have to go! “. And they were go. We find ourselves at the top of the mountain overlooking the surrounding area. We stayed there for a while to savor (count about 4 hours to the top).

imageFIN - My 10 favorite treks on the south Island in New-Zealand

That’s is for my 10 favorites treks !

Did you do them too ? what treks did you do ?

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