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9 things to know about New-Zealand

New Zeland, for a little Belgian like me, it’s the other side of the word. A new continent with is own rules and different mentality. During my trip, I found some funny things about differences between Belgium and New-Zealand . Some are really nice, and they could be very practice to adapt them in Europe, and some…. wel… they can keep them. 😀

1 : The Sandflies
A real plague in New-Zeland. For you, mosquitos are difficult and hazardous ? It’s nothing compare to sandflies ; they are many more and fall even more. They are small fucking flies, when it’s itchy, too late … And to prouve how a plague they are, a picture of my poor foots

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2 : Their Kindness
To counterbalance a little, the new Zealanders are lovely peoples. It’s incredible even they are always pleasant and smiling. We received a lot of support for many of them to help us. The best of the best.

3 : The hitch-hiking
Very common on the booth islands, it won’t be long to see a car stops. ( Always stay smiling :))

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4 : Alcohol free zone

We can see these mark on sidewalks in a lot of cities ( small or bigger cities ). Not sure the police is tolerant, I’d rather not tempt the authorities.

They’re not a lot of people outside after night.

5 : Very, very few of pedestrian crossings.

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Pedestrian crossings are pretty rare in New-Zealand, and for good reason : the car are obliged to stop when we want to cross there. A these point, the pedestrian has the total priority.

On the other hand, when they are no pedestrian crossing, do not expend the same thing, they rarely stop. You have to be very patient sometime.

IMG 20180114 210135 1 225x300 - 9 things to know about New-Zealand6 : Traffic lights you can activate for pedestrian

That, it’s the idea of the century. We see how practical it is for everyone. Let me explain it to you : Every traffic lights have a button to press who activate the pedestrian traffic lights.

When every light turns red for cars, light turns green for all of the pedestrian ( a most of the time ).

Nice to cross two road in one time. When no one press buttons, they just are traffic lights for cars. ( They save time )

7 : The dollars shop
So practical and cheaper to find whatever you want (most of the time ). We find a lot of 2 dollars shop in big and mid-sized cities. When you are backpackers like us, it saves your budget.

8 : Domino’s pizza and their pizzas and 5$
I think all is in the tittle. 3.5€ for one small pizza, it’s unbeatable ! You can download the app to find all the domino’s on islands.

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9 : You Need your passeport to buy alcohol
They’re very vigilant about that. You always need your passeport at the supermarket of liquor store otherwise they will not sell it to you. ( My boyfriend had been denied purchase once )


That’s all for this 9 things to know about the New-Zealand, i hope you liked this article.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to eat a ton of pizza

*teen veggie pizza please*


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