golden bay - Around the famous Golden Bay
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Around the famous Golden Bay

This hudge bay is located on the nord of the south island in New-Zealand. Did you know that in 1642 she was called « the Murder bay »? Because a terrible fight between English colons and maoris. A so sad story… and the name of the bay changed several time for differents reasons during years. The last one, Golden bay, was changed, in 1850 when colons discover gold in the area.

And now you’re top informed on New-Zealand history, let’s go for our itinerary in this region.

Find all my points on my mymaps ( click on the picture )MAP NZ - Around the famous Golden BayWe start our trip by the Nelson city and we find a nice small city compare to Auckland. Except that…for us, it’was just another small town we can find everywere in New-Zealand. But in fact….no. Nelson is one of the bigs cities in the south island. So if you pass there, shop everything you need to your trip because after you can’t find another “city” before Greymouth. ( Electro, warehouse….)

You want a small track? Take the one who will lead you at the center off entire New-Zealand. ( Point 205 )

You want a good bar to drink and eat good things? The Rattle N Hum bar is the best ! Only 5$ for a pint of beer, theys have also succulent vegetarian burger super cheap. ( And free pool tables, point 203 ). A good barbecue on the beach? Hop, go to Rabbit island for a great evennig. ( Point 204 ).

After Nelson, here we go on our way to Farewell split ( The famous Kiwi’s beak )

With the road 60, stop in Motueka to visit the shipwreck on the beach ( point 246 ). Continue your road and just before Tasman, stop at the Jester House. It’s a coffee bar/restaurant really atypical where we can feed weels of river wild and enjoy a beautifull and insolit garden with a lot of curiosity ! You can enter without consuming, don’t hesitate, juste to take a look. ( point 211 ).

After that, still on the road 60 you can stop at the Rawhiti caves, a very nice track that I recommend you to make. ( point 87, 2h return )

jester-house jester house 2 - Around the famous Golden Bayshipwreck-motueka

Then, go to Totaranui Beach, a gergeous beach with golden sand and transparent water. ( It’s is really going to be worth it )

By the way, stop at the Wainui Falls for a nice 40min little walk to see a great small waterfall ( point 75 ). After these one, nothing better than eat the best pizza in New-Zealand with the best view on the golden bay at Toto’s café ( They have sublime coffee to. Point 76 ). At toto’s, there is also a smal treck to do, 40min return. After arrival at the beach, ENJOY ! You can also made de Anapai bay track at the campsite ( 45min one way ) to get to a nice small “private” beach. ( Point 96 )

sunset 300x300 - Around the famous Golden Baytreck 300x300 - Around the famous Golden Baygolden bay view 300x300 - Around the famous Golden Bay

Now we have to backtrack to Takaka and go enjoy a delicious salmon you fished on your own at Anatoki Salmon fishing coffee ( point 165 )

It’s with a full belly that we can go to see the purest water of the world : The pupu springs. ( Not sure it’s this one, but the water is cristal clear, and we have this envy : dive inside ! But because this lake is sacred for Maoris; it’s prohibited ) ( Point 14 )

Hop, let us continue our road around Onekaka where is the Mussel-in, an atypical bar ( yes, again ) were you have concerts during evening. It’s such a nice place you have to go ! Take the delicous nachos, but be carreful, their plates are very copious. If you have to chose ONE bar in the Golden Bay, it’s this one. ( point 97 )

mussel-inles rawhiti cavesanapai-bay

Fork shortly after to get you to Aorere Goldfields trak. A 3h walk inside the bush to discover two caves they are really worth it. Take a torch with you to explore the entrance, fascinating and terrible ! ( Point 98 )

And, when you finally arrrive at the eeeeeend of the island, you can find the most beautifull beach we ever see in New-Zealand : Wharariki beach. This beach is so huuuuuudge and there’s even a seels colony has taken up residence there. You have to go there, it’s an order ! ( yeah yeah 😀 ) ( point 58 )

wharariki beach 3 - Around the famous Golden Baywharariki beach2 - Around the famous Golden Baywharariki beach - Around the famous Golden Bay
Near your area, you can take a look to the Farewell cap, very nice viewpoint. ( point 99 )

And we are… our golden trip end at this point and we’re moving on to the west coast. Seen you soon for news adventures 🙂

The west coast is very famous for roads with wonderfull landscapes, can’t wait to discover all theses and especially, to make it to you discover also.

I leave you with a beautifull picture from _kmeo_ of Wharariki beach.


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