monney 1 - All my tips to save your money in New-Zealand
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All my tips to save your money in New-Zealand

To travel in a country where the quality of living is significantly more expensive than the country you come from, it is also find tips and good plans to save money as much as possible, because in the end, all money not spent allows to your travel … and that’s beautiful!

So, I give you all my good plans to spend less money as possible in New Zealand.

With these tips, you’ll have everything you need to be a winner

1: Online Shopping and Selling

tradme - All my tips to save your money in New-Zealand

Tradme is the best website in New Zealand to buy secondhand items. (the equivalent of ebay, le bon coin, ….). As soon as you think of any item to buy, always look on Tradme first. You can find new stuff at half price or with a very good discounts.

I saved for exemple $ 110 for a chemical toilet on TradMe . ($ 65 still packaged, so never used, compared to $ 175 in store).

I also found a tent at … $ 1.5 !  Who says better ?

2 : The hospices shop and recycling shop

Pegia Shop 300x169 - All my tips to save your money in New-Zealand

The equivalent of second-hand stores in our country , but really very very cheap! You can find everything there ! From clothes to kitchen utensils to DVDs or small appliances. Look in every city, there is always one store minimum . I do research as soon as I arrive in a new city via this  website : ( Or via my friend Google,  search : hospice shop + city name or second hand shop + city name )

I found a king size duvet for our winter nights in our campervan at $ 2.5 and sweaters at $ 3 and a lot of little kitchen stuff for our campervan, including a wooden spoon at 0.10 $!

3 : The 2 dollars shop :

hellobanana - All my tips to save your money in New-Zealand

The bananas shop are very interesting small shops!

In Nelson for example, it is a 2 dollar shop where nothing exceeds this price (next to the post office Nelson). Ideal to buy all the small things you need for your van / car / yourself. Infortunaly, it’s only in Nelson that the 2 dollar shop is a “real” dollar shop (anything above $ 2). The other bananas shop have prices more than 2$, but it’s still relatively cheap.

4 : The supermarkets countdown, New World, Freshchoice, park’n’save  and their gasoline card :

onecard angle 1 - All my tips to save your money in New-Zealand

All supermarkets in New Zealand have their own loyalty card, some of which offer good discounts at some petrol stations. We have all cards of the 4 stores, to cumulate a max of reduction. (You have to know that you can not find every shop in every cities, so it’s a good plan to have all the loyalty cards ).

This card can also be used in many other businesses to. If you stay for month it’s really interesting. (The AA card is used in a lot of shops and every purchase is cumulative, they even have an app for this card, very convenient ).

You also have supermarkets newlsetters with some discount, like $ 200 bought at countdown, 0.10 € won per liter for a maximum of 50L ( Yes yes … .5 € here and there, after several promos, during several month we can win a full gasoline or two ). 

5 : The Honests box

Along the roads, you will sometimes see small shelters with small bags filled with various things to eat: vegetables, eggs, fruits …

These come from often small farms or individuals who sell products from their garden. The principle is simple: the price is on the small bag and there is a small box next to put the money. Really cheap and really tasty.

6 : Gaspi : The gasoline app

gaspy - All my tips to save your money in New-Zealand

I also use before refueling the Gaspy application to compare gas stations around. Sometimes it’s more advantageous than a gas station when you have a loyalty card because  there is more difference between the price you can save and the potential gain with the card.

The app is community-based, meaning that members share and confirm prices per liter. I am an active member myself, and it is always the right price!   (Pretty rare is not ).

7 : A phone plan for 1 € per month for 25go


Another great plan to have a lot of giga on his package and not spend more than … 1 € per month is to subscribe before leaving an subscription near Free (Only in France). On the website : vente-privée. Usually the package is 20 € per month, but with the great promo on vente-privée, it’s 1 € per month during 1 year. ( After 1 year you can unsubscribe these one and take another one ). The gigas are valid in Europe and outside too. A lot of French people in New Zealand use this trick. (For Belgians, Swiss, if you have a French friend, ask him if you can put his address on your name )

8 ; Made Helpx
helpx 300x166 - All my tips to save your money in New-ZealandThe Helpx is working for a few hours in exchange for food and a bed for the night ( At particulars or professionnals place ). Never exceed MAX 4h per day, otherwise it is exploitation! (Already, 4 hours it’s to much i think). There is also another site called woofing but with less offers because the subscription for those, who publish an ad is free on Helpx. Good thing, so many more offers for us. Tested and approved on our side for several weeks in different Helpx (Making pizzas, housekeper in a hotel, harvest vines and gardening, …). It’s also a good opportunity to meet lots of people, and maybe, new friends !

9 : Hitchhiking
pouce 150x150 - All my tips to save your money in New-ZealandForget blablacar in New Zealand, made hitchhike and do not spend a dime! It is quite common in the country and you will rarely be max 20 min waiting. (Not tested but approved by many people we meet). And if sometime it’s not working, you can take the bus 🙂

10 : Made couchsurfing
couch 150x150 - All my tips to save your money in New-ZealandWhat’s better than sleeping inside locals  houses to discover a country? This is what couchsurfing offers via their website. And it’s free! Save nights in hostel and your monney. We tested once wen we arrived in Auckland and …. no positive answers. I sent like 10 requests and all were refused (Some were not at home, others just said no and another asked me “why would he take me and not another request”… euh … what?? ). I have not retried since, it’s a failure for us, for the moment.

Now you have all my tips !

Did it help you? Do you have others good plans?

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