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Waiheke Island

The dream island.

If your near Auckland, in the nord of New-Zealand, there a place we’re you absolutely need to go ! In only 40 min with the ferry from Auckland, Waiheke Island is THE place were the Nordthernes went take their holydays.

Blue lagoon water, white sand, sun and montains, a small paradise open you arms.
We chose to go for one day, and why not, hire and bicycle to made a big tour into the island. But…a thing we never expected, roads was really hilly.

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We had the good idea to hire electric bicycles, and to be honest, it saved us life !! ( No no, I’m not exaggerating at all ) A little bit more expensive as simple bycicles, but you have to.
Because of these, we have seen so beautifully landscapes that the « touriste zone » ( in fact we got lost a lot ).
Just outside the center, you have a countdown ( cheapest supermarket ) where you can buy your picnic ! You really can save money unlike the tourist zone.

IMG 20180110 144453 1 300x225 - Waiheke IslandAnother thing to never forget, it’s your solar cream. And especially take the 50 one, because of the global warning, New Zealand is under the hole in the ozone layer. We put cream every ours, and even then…we were red as tomato ! ( Especially Loic :p )
If your have more budget, you can made jet ski, surf, kayaking,…

IMG 20180110 112100 1 1 300x225 - Waiheke IslandIt really was a nice day . Even the mosquitos bites, the 30 km we covered with our bicycles ( The next day we could not walk anymore )

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take an anti-itch bad.

* Grat grat *

Price for the ferry from Auckland : 18$ per person ( 40 minutes, ferry every 30 minutes )
Bicycle hire : 60$ per person.

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