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How to made your campervan Self contenaid in New-Zealand

In New-Zealand, it’s easier to buy a van, it’s a big business ! But, if you want to find a carpark to pass the night, it’s verry difficult if you haven’t some conditions. To have acces to more carpark, like 20 more, you have to be are « Self-contenaid » certified. ( If you try whithout the certification, you can have an infraction and pay 200$ ).

Self-contenaid, what is that ?

In fact, you have to get past 3 days in your Van with theses points :

  • A chimical toilet with a tank. The tank need to be are big enough to content 1L « diverses things » per day per person. ( 6 liter for us because we’re two ). When the bed is unfolded, toilet need to be are accessible. ( It was really just for us, but the guy was really nice )

IMG 20180214 103148 1 225x300 - How to made your campervan Self contenaid in New-Zealand

  • A Tin big enough to contain 4 liter drinking water per day and per person. ( We bought a 25 liters ). The tin need to be are opaque.
  • Another Tin to collect wastewater, the same size at the drinking water. These tin dont need to be are opaque. ( Dont take a smaller one, same size !)
  • A small plastic pipe ( 6 to 10mm circumference ) needs to get out of the wastewater tin to the outside of the van, to bring out the bad smells. ( Verry important this point !)
  • You need a valve system who connect the clean water tin to the faucet, and the waste water at the side tap outlet. The two tins need to be are easily removable for filling and draining water.
  • Tins has to be are weel maintened, they can move during the road. Need to be separate with a plank with the rest of the campervan.
  • A trash you can close. They dont care about the size. We bought a smaller one, and it’s ok.

05022018 IMG 8538 1 300x200 - How to made your campervan Self contenaid in New-ZealandOur van wasen’t self-contenaid when we bought it, luckilly, the valve system was already done. So we just had to bought the tins, the trash and the chimical toilet.

I found the chimical toilet on TradMe ( Like Ebay in New-Zealand ) for 65$ into the place of 200$ in a supermarket.

When all of theses was ok, go to a technical center to valide our certificate.

BE CARREFULL ! Gouvernement want to made the obtain certification harder. ( we don’t really why..)  If you go to a « campervan garage » , they gonna ask you to suscribe to a club for 220$ ( plus 75$ for the certificate ) BUT  you dont have to do that, to expensive ! You can find, at the date of 15 january 2018, some technical center they do it for just the right certifcation price.

Find here theses technicals center  : https://www.allpointscampingnz.org/get-certified

Total price : 75$

Know, you have all the information to have it, good luck 

So, if you want to excuse me,i have to take the road…

vroum vroum *

( pictures by Loic Naessens Photography )

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