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Find a flight with -40% discount with theses tips

When I hear some people tell me the price they paid for their plane ticket, I swear, I’m shocked. There are many tips to earn up to 40% on your ticket price and even more, that it is really sad to lose half of the travel budget / vacation in transport.

Because the money saved for your plane ticket is as many restaurants, visits, …. missed if you keep your budget.

There are some simple tips to put in place, and others that require a little more time and effort, but are clearly worth it. A few minutes for hundreds of euros saved, it’s worth it no? 🙂

Let me guide you step by step to become a pro to made reservations !

  • Do not leave on weekends, prefer Tuesday or Thursday as day of departure / arrival. And yes, these are the most empty days of the week and therefore the least complete for flights.
  • Put your browser in private browsing to do your research and / or do your research at work / library before doing it on your pc to avoid paying more following your IP.
  • Book your flight as soon as possible as soon as you have your travel idea. Knowing that prices play a lot on the price of diesel. As the price goes up, the more the ticket climbs. And well … I do not think it can come down but on the contrary, it always goes up more and more.
  • Be flexible in your départure dates, a few days difference and youcan save a lot ! With this trick you can already gain a lot if you take a look few days before and after.
  • Traveling out of school holidays if you do not have children. Already much cheaper, no secret in this trick there. The off season is the perfect time for any low cost traveler!
  • ALWAYS test all your flights on several flight comparators:   skyscanner.netKayak.comMomondo.com and not on one, that would be a big mistake.
  • Choose flights early in the morning or late at night. And yes, you have to get up a little earlier, but if you win 20% I’m ready to do it.
  • Once you have the price results on the comparators, note the name of the company and do a search on the site of this company to check if the price is not cheaper on their official website.
  • Once the cheapest company is displayed, search via IGRAAL to see if you can get a cash back! (Sometimes up to 4% of the ticket price is refunded,).
  • Try to see if booking for a country near your destination, the ticket is not cheaper with this reservation + correspondence to your real destination. For example: Paris – Tokyo, look for a flight Paris-Shanghai and Shanghai-Tokyo, it’s cheaper to fly from another country to distant destinations.
  • In the same trick, if you want to go to Rome for example, try a Paris – Egypt flight with a stopover in Rome. From time to time the ticket is cheaper than the direct route and you just have to get off at the stopover. It works especially if you travel only with carry-on luggage, otherwise your luggage will leave with the plane 😀
  • Some websites say that buying your ticket between 4 am and 6 am is cheapest because the taxes between these hours are almost zero. Come on, we get a little awakening and let’s try.

“Secret” websites to save on airfare

boardavion - Find a flight with -40% discount with theses tipsThere are also some sites known to seasoned travelers, either low-cost flights or price errors. In any case, you must put them in your favorites.

  • Also try to see if your flight is not cheaper on this site: https://www.fly4free.pl/. So yes, we do not understand everything, make a first translation via google trad and then do reservation tests. You can really find very good cheap flights. (Test several times a day for several days in a row).
  • Secret Flying can help you save up to 80% on flights anywhere in the world. Same, to test several times in succession, several days in a row. Shows a lot of price error. (subscribe on FB or twitter not to miss the good deals, the errors are very quickly rectified).
  • http://airfarewatchdog.com : There is a “Top 50 Flights” section that updates daily. It displays common price errors or very very good plan.
  • Pirate Travel: Another very handy site with amazing promos ! With also price errors, so check VERY regularly. (Download the app, she is very handy!)
  • Voyage detective : Another site that offers very good specials of all kinds.

 And here you are, now you have no excuse for not finding the ticket of your dreams at unbeatable prices.  Come on,and  let’s go for adventures 🙂

trouver billet avion moins chers

Now you have all my tips !

Did it help you? Do you have others good plans?

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