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My 5 essential oils during my trip

I don’t like to go with a big pharmacy kit when i travel. Firstly because it takes up space, and also, because I’m rarely sick and that would be almost useless. But above all, I use substitutes that work pretty well on me: essential oils. (And it takes so little space).

They are used for everything: disinfectant, anti-itch, against bloating / sore bellies, against seasickness, anti-emetic, …

CAUTION: Essential oils should be used with care. If you have health concerns or doubts, check with your doctor that everything is ok for taking them. (And they are of course forbidden for pregnant women and young children). Find here are the precautions and warnings.

Some oils can come into contact with the skin, others can not. Always ask before using because they are very concentrated and powerful. (yes, so much poweeeeeeeer…).

  • Ingested, dilute in vegetable oil.
  • If you use it in bath, use milk powder or cream to better dilute the essential oil in your bath water because otherwise the essential oil it does not furrow.
  • Finally, always close your essential oil after use because aromatic compounds are extremely volatile; and keep the bottle away from the sun.

Here is my list of organic essential oils that I take everywhere with me:

huilesessentielles1 - My 5 essential oils during my tripORGANIC PEPPER MINT:

It’s  my queen of essential oils. I use it for my bloating and in case of aerophagia, terribly effective! It can be irritating the skin for some people, so always check before on a crease of the elbow. And it is only one symptom among others that it can easily cure :

  • Tired: A drop on the temples or inside the wrists.
  • Headache: A drop to apply on the nape of the neck at the hairline.
  • Heavy legs: Two drops mixed with aloe vera gel and massage on the legs.
  • Motion sickness: Two drops on a handkerchief to breathe.
  • Nausea : A drop under the tongue or on the wrists.


Powerful anti-infective, anti-viral, anti-parasite. Internal use as external. The oil you need to disinfect wounds, skin infections, get rid of fungi, viruses, herpes, fungi … really, it is formidable efficiency. In addition to perfectly disinfect a wound, it accelerates healing.

  • Earache : A drop to massage around the ear.
  • Stuffy nose ? A drop on the bridge of the nose.
  • Mycosis / fungi : Dilute a drop in your bath
  • Disinfect a wound : clean it, then apply two drops. (In case of large wound, dilute in a 50/50 mixture of vegetable oil and essential oil).
  • Hygiene of the mouth : a drop on your hazelnut toothpaste to cleanse the oral flora and even prevent the appearance of cavities

Lavender Aspic Bio :

Anti Toxic, analgesic and restorative, promotes healing

  • Difficulty finding sleep : Two drops on the pillow (or 10 drops to diffuse in the room before sleeping).
  • Sting of mosquito or jellyfish or other? One to three drops of lavender aspic applied on the sting.
  • Sunburn ? Mix three drops with a good hazelnut moisturizer or oil. (A diluted rate of 20%).
  • Anti venom : works very well against venom. Apply a drop on the spade and repeat a maximum of 3 times if necessary
Citronella de Java Bio :
For mosquitoes and body aches
  • Lemongrass is THE MUST DO you need to keep mosquitoes away.

Palmarosa BIO :

My favorite oil i use in deodorant.

  • For days when I feel I need it, I put a drop on each armpit and I’m ready! (I no longer use commercial deodorant, which are very harmful to the body, I love this 100% natural solution).

The information i give you on this article is informative. They represent the synthesis of my reading and personal experience, they can not in any way replace a medical consultation, and no engage my responsibility.

A very good website to have a lot of information about essential oils

huilesessentielles2 - My 5 essential oils during my trip

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Now you have all my tips !

Did it help you? Do you also use essential oils ?

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