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The bests app you need during your travel

Become essential on our mobile, applications are now a must when we travel. It’s so convenient to find a hotel in one click, activities or share our adventures…

For years, they have become valuable helpers in our lives. That’s why I want to share with you those I use daily during my travels.

The apps I use almost every day

WeatherPro - The bests app you need during your travelWeather pro The ultimate weather app. And it’s very important to know the weather during our roadtrip, so you can plan each day and the next.  Not free but really cheaper,and once you’ve donwload the app, it’s yours for life. (There is still the PRO version at 10 € per year which lists even more precisely the time).

CLUE Clue - The bests app you need during your travelFor women. This is an app to know when we will have our menstruation. I stopped the pill one year ago, so it’s very covenient because i never know when they will arrive …  We can add all our symptoms of the day and the app analyzes them and offers each time better calendar / symptoms.

BlocNotes - The bests app you need during your travelNOTE PAD  Yes yes … very simple but super efficient when i have to read very quickly any ideas for my blog, a good recipe during my travel …

FastBudget - The bests app you need during your travelFast budget To be able to manage your travel budget, you need like a super convenient app to add expenses, calculate your budget . I admit that this app is not the prettiest, but it is free and I never had problems with it . I can even see how much was spent on fuel, in a hotel or even in a shower: D (And yes, I read everythiiiiiiiiing !)

AAsmartFuel - The bests app you need during your travelAA smart fuel  If you are taking the loyalty card to the countdown supermarket in New Zealand, then the app that goes with this one is also essential to see all your discounts.

WikkiCamps - The bests app you need during your travelCampermate - The bests app you need during your travelCampermate / wiki camps  A classic app in our trip in New-Zealand and Australia to find accommodation. With our campervan, we look at it every day to know where to sleep at night by giving priority to free car parks. Campermate is  more intuitive and designed than wiki camps. But I think it’s better to have both to compare, because some campsites are in one app and not in another.

Gaspy - The bests app you need during your travelGaspy  My new must do for gas pumps! It’s simple ;  before refueling; Launch the app that will tell you around which pumps are the cheapest. The app is community-based and you can participate by confirming the price at the fuel pump. (Tip that is also part of one of my articles on how to save money  in New Zealand).

XE - The bests app you need during your travelXE very convenient as soon as you arrive in a new country to know the currency and compare it to your local currency.

Podcastaddict - The bests app you need during your travelPodcast addict   I am a mega fan of podcasts  ! So as soon as i get to have an internet connection, i download a lot of episodes, so i can listen them during the day. Guaranteed change of scenery

MyMaps - The bests app you need during your travelMy maps  To discover my map my maps, convenient to add a new point even offline vi localization. And especially to see what there is to do around the area.

Globe - The bests app you need during your travelGlobe ( two clocks on the home screen )  . One with the time zone of Belgium and another one with the time zone of the country where I am.

apps en voyageTwilight   I … No no, that’s not what you think! It’s just an app that applies a light red filter at the time you’ve decided. Ideally in the evening to counter the blue light of the laptop and its ultraviolet that can disrupt sleep. I usually activate it around 10pm.

And all the other indispensable classic apps (or not).

apps en voyageFacebook, twister, instagram, pinterest, messenger, skype , …

Gmail / outlook

Google analytique (For those who like me have a blog, practice to know his statistics).

apps en voyageAgenda Especially to remind me of birthdays and take my vitamin B12.

apps-en-voyageIFTTT  For those who are on several social networks, this app is GENIUS! For example: you have an Instagram account and a twitter account. When you share via instagram for twitter the pictures are not displayed, only a link appears. TWith this app the pictures will be displayed!  ( I also made a board on pinterest or each new post instagram exports to it).

appsimagefin - The bests app you need during your travel

Now you have all my tips to chose the best apps  !

Did it help you? Do you have others apps you use?

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