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All my point map to travel in New-Zealand

 When you travel, you know how it’s complicated to find all the interests points around you.

Yes, you have apps, but some apps show you all the barsnear you, or just the supermarket, or some others interests points. But i never find a map with all of my favorites points together. If you read books, after your have to find where the thing you want is on a map.

I made a personalized map on MyMaps with all my favorites points per country

I needed months of researches on websites, blogs to collect a maximum of interests points in Nouvelle-Zélande and in Asia.  She is regularly updated during my trip

It’s so simple, activate your position and … discover !

Clic here to acces 

avoirEN - All my point map to travel in New-Zealand

A good spot / un bar restaurant you made is not on the map?

Send me a message, so i can add it

And help the travelers community 🙂 ( I always mention sources ) Every points matters.

Activate your localisation, open your application and, tadaaaaaa, see all good points you have near you, After, clik on “itinary” to have it from your position to the interest point. ( trick : just after having your itinary, put your mobile data off but not your position, like that you can follow the road without using your data mobile)

The app is available on android and apple, or on the mymaps website.

my maps app

Thanks to respect my research work than i offer you free. You can share my map, but always mention your source.

And don’tforget to download the ultimate travelers guide 🙂guideFR - All my point map to travel in New-Zealand

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